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Travel Funds

Explore your Travel Funds with Flight Southwest – Your gateway to seamless and flexible travel options with Southwest Airlines. Maximize your savings and journey with convenience.

Rapid Rewards

Unlock a world of benefits with Southwest’s Rapid Rewards program. Elevate your travel experience and earn points faster than ever before, making every journey with Flight Southwest a rewarding adventure.

Wanna Get Away

Wanna Get Away? Discover unbeatable deals and seamless travel experiences with Flight Southwest. Soar to new heights with our exceptional service and affordable fares.

Wanna Get Away Plus

Explore limitless possibilities with Flight Southwest’s ‘Wanna Get Away Plus’-unleash the joy of travel with added perks and seamless experiences on Southwest Airlines.

Anytime Fares

Discover freedom with Flight Southwest’s Anytime Fares. Fly on your terms with premium, hassle-free booking options for unbeatable flexibility.

Business Select

Upgrade your travel with Southwest Airlines’ Business Select – enjoy priority boarding, bonus Rapid Rewards points, and the flexibility to stay productive at 35,000 feet.

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Choose from Southwest Airlines’ Exclusive Categories – Wanna Get Away, Wanna Get Away Plus, Anytime, and Business Select with Flight Southwest.

Wanna Get Away

Earn 6X Rapid Rewards
Two bags fly free
No fees to change or cancel
Flight credit if you cancel
flight credits don’t expire
Free same-day standby*
Same-day change1

Wanna Get Away Plus

Earn 8X Rapid Rewards
Two bags fly free
No fees to change or cancel
Flight credit if you cancel
flight credits don’t expire
Free same-day standby*
Free same-day change2


Earn 10X Rapid Rewards
Two bags fly free
No fees to change or cancel
Flight credit if you cancel
flight credits don’t expire
Free same-day standby*
Free same-day change2

Business Select

Earn 12X Rapid Rewards
Two bags fly free
No fees to change or cancel
Flight credit if you cancel
flight credits don’t expire
Free same-day standby*
Free same-day change2

*Add your name to the list, taxes and fees may apply. | 1 fare difference may apply | 2 Confirmed seat, taxes and fees may apply.

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Southwest Flight Changes

Experience hassle-free changes to your Southwest flight tickets with Flight Southwest. Easily modify your travel plans, enjoying flexibility and convenience. Swift and seamless alterations, putting you in control of your journey every step of the way.

Southwest Flight Cancellation

Simplify your travel adjustments with Flight Southwest—canceling your Southwest flight is effortless and stress-free. Enjoy the convenience of online cancellation, quick processing, and transparent refund policies. Your journey, your control, with Flight Southwest.


Unaccompanied Minors

Ensure peace of mind for parents with Southwest Airlines’ Unaccompanied Minors service, seamlessly facilitated through Flight Southwest. Our user-friendly platform guides you through the process of booking and managing Unaccompanied Minors, prioritizing safety and comfort for young travelers. Trust Flight Southwest for a worry-free and reliable journey for your children.

Flying with pets

Embark on a pet-friendly journey with Flight Southwest, where booking travel for your furry friends is a breeze. Navigate through our website to easily reserve spots for your pets, ensuring a comfortable and safe flight experience. Choose Flight Southwest for a seamless travel adventure, catering to every member of your family, including the four-legged ones.


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“Choosing Flight Southwest was the best decision for my recent trip. The ‘Anytime’ fare provided the flexibility I needed, and the attentive customer service truly stood out. No doubt, I’ll be booking with them again for my next adventure!”

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Regarding Southwest Airlines: Who is your airline partner?

Over 46,000 passengers are carried daily by primary US carrier Southwest Airlines to their destinations. It makes sense that Southwest Airlines is the biggest low-cost carrier in the world, with over 3,400 daily flights. 

Did you know that, as of August 2012, Southwest Airlines was the biggest Boeing 737 operator in the world? Southwest Airlines provides a fantastic experience, operating an average of six flights daily on its over 550 gorgeous aircraft fleet. Are you prepared to travel with affordable tickets and premium onboard amenities? Select Southwest since it has a great selection of fares. 

Every passenger with a vacation itinerary embraces the airline’s network of 93 locations instead of leaving it undiscovered. This is the airline to choose if you want to travel to Puerto Rico or another destination abroad. Come along and enjoy the pleasure of traveling with a company that offers more than simply air travel. 

How do I purchase tickets on Southwest Airlines?

If you have Southwest Airlines flights in your itinerary, you should know how to book them. 

Southwest has various methods available to you to validate your reservation. To get the most out of your ticket purchases, you can make them offline or online. You may discover additional details about purchasing a ticket for a Southwest Airlines flight in the section below.

Ways to Book Southwest Tickets Online

Use the official Southwest website to buy your flights. You can quickly receive your tickets in your mailbox by following the instructions listed below: 

  • You must first access the official Southwest Airlines website to purchase your airline tickets online.
  • In addition, you have the option to download the airline’s mobile app to verify your online flight reservation.
  • The comprehensive search engine is located on the website’s homepage. Complete the required data in the designated fields and purchase tickets immediately. 
  • The first thing to do is choose between a one-way and a round-trip.
  • Next, list your travel destinations and dates of travel.
  • The number of passengers included in your reservation should then be added.
  • Select the payment method you wish to use: cash or points. 
  • To add more options to your reservation, click “Advance Search.”
  • Finally, select “Search” from the menu to view the available flight options.
  • Select the flight that best meets your needs and stays within your means.
  • Continue to complete the payment to confirm your reservation.
  • Continue to complete the payment to confirm your reservation. 

Upon completion, you receive an email from the airline confirming your ticket. For future reference, all of your reservation details are included in this email. Simply follow these instructions to book a flight with Southwest Airlines and complete the process in a few clicks.

Booking Southwest Airlines Flights Without Going Online

Do you need help on Southwest.com finding the best deals or choices? Call Southwest Airlines at 1-888-816-2962 to turn things around and book your trips that way. Don’t worry about finding the phone number either; just go to the “Contact Us” part of the Southwest website, and you’ll see the golden numbers waiting for your call. 

Southwest has a fantastic group of customer service reps who will help you book your tickets and offer their input throughout the process. Prepare for the most incredible holidays and turn your travel desire into a wandering adventure!

Organize Your Southwest Travel Schedule With These Easy Steps

Unsatisfied with your present reservations? Or would you like to customize your Southwest itinerary with extras? Don’t worry; you can quickly alter your itinerary by using the Manage Flight Reservation option. The actions to take are as follows.

Launch your preferred web browser.
Go to Manage Booking on Southwest Airlines.

  • Click the link labeled “Manage Flight Reservation.”
  • To view the page, click.
  • Put your First Name, Last Name, and Confirmation Code here.
  • To view the specifics of your trip, tap Continue.
  • Choose the itinerary you want to modify if you have more than one.
  • Choose the option of your preference.
  • Observe the directions displayed on screen.
  • If a fee is required, pay it.
  • Select “Submit” to validate your selections.

With Southwest Airlines Manage Booking, you can

  • Change the flight’s date and time
  • Cancel the trip
  • Request wheelchair assistance
  • Buy EarlyBird Check-in
  • Add or remove passengers from your bookings
  • Book Companion ticket using the Companion Pas

Change of Schedule? How to Modify Your Southwest Flight is Available Here.

With Southwest, you may easily modify your schedule in seconds since they prioritize client satisfaction. To adjust your flight with your new plans, go to the official website and follow the instructions below.

Navigate to the homepage’s “Change/Cancel” tab.
Access your trip using your Confirmation Code, First Name, and Last Name.

  • Select the “Change” option.
  • Press “Search.”
  • Select “Change Flight.”
  • Add new information and search for a new flight to align with your updated plans.
  • Make the fare difference payment.
  • Verify your selections, and you’re done.
    Please Note: Although there is no change fee to adjust your Southwest itinerary, you will be responsible for the ticket difference if your new trip costs more than the original.

How Can Your Southwest Itinerary Be Cancelled?

Are you no longer using Southwest for travel? You can easily cancel airline tickets with a few clicks, so don’t worry. You can cancel your trip via the customer support phone or online. These are the specifics.

  • Visit the homepage of the airline.
  • To change or cancel a flight, click.
    Enter the requested information, such as the confirmation code.
  • Initial Name Last Name
  • Select “Cancel Flight.”
  • To access your itinerary, click Search.
  • Click Cancel after selecting the flight you no longer require.
  • Observe the guidelines to cancel your reservation.
    Note that the refund will only be given according to the type of fare you paid. On the other hand, if you cancel your airline tickets within 24 hours after purchasing them, you will receive a full refund.

How Do I Get in Touch with a Live Agent at Southwest?

Are you having issues with your Southwest travels? Get in touch with the airline’s customer service department to receive immediate assistance. The airline provides several ways to get in touch. Now, let’s get the information.

Phone Support

It’s the fastest way to have your questions answered. Call 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) to speak with a customer service representative. You can use different numbers for group requests, cargo support, and luggage inquiries.

Live Chat

This option is solely available to Rapid Rewards members. To access the Live Chat, download the Southwest App, find the chat icon, and start discussing your queries. It is available 24/7 to assist travelers.

Email Assistance

To address your grievances and comments, Southwest Airlines also provides email assistance. Go to the airline’s Contact Us website and select the Email Us option to receive email support. Up to seven business days may pass before the airline responds.

Southwest could be the most excellent option if you’re looking for the perfect travel companion that can accompany you to the place on your bucket list without going over budget. Purchase tickets on this budget airline to maximize the savings on your travel costs.

If you want additional information on booking services offered by Southwest Airlines, you can speak with a customer representative.


Go to the official website of Southwest Airlines and select “Book a flight” to make a reservation.

Southwest Airlines offers three different categories of fares: Basic, Preferred, and Companion, the latter of which is only available for use on the airline’s primary route.

By logging into your account on the official Southwest website or by phoning the customer support hotline at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA, you can modify or cancel your reservations for flights on Southwest Airlines.

Although there are several limitations on baggage allowance and check-in, Southwest Airlines’ website clearly explains them. For instance, there are limitations on the number of items your kids may carry on the plane and who pays for any extra luggage.

When booking a flight on Southwest Airlines, you can pay using a bank account or credit card. Cash payments are also accepted at the airport, but they are not the most practical.

You can reach customer support by phone at 1-800-435-9792 or online at southwestairlines.com if you have questions concerning Southwest Airlines flights.

No, there aren’t any extra costs involved with buying flights with Southwest Airlines.


There are several ways to get in touch with customer support at Southwest Airlines. You can email customer care, use the live chat option on their website, or phone the toll-free number on the website.

Using the search feature on their website, you can locate the best offers on Southwest Airlines ticket reservations.

In addition to offering special rates for military personnel and return customers, Southwest Airlines also offers advance ticket purchases.