Does an airline ticket allow me to modify the passenger’s name?



According to Southwest Airlines’ name change policy, it is possible to modify the passenger’s name on tickets. You can review the details shown below to get a general understanding of their policy.

You can reach the skilled agents at Southwest Airlines by calling 1-888-816-2962 (no wait time). They will make every effort to address your questions and concerns.

Is it possible for me to modify the passenger’s name on the flight ticket?
For legitimate reasons, such as marriage, divorce, or a legal name change, Southwest Airlines typically permits travelers to modify their names on their airline tickets. However, as evidence of your request, you must give their agent the relevant legal papers for this. For safety concerns, you should be aware that Southwest Airlines’ name change policy does not allow you to transfer your ticket to another person.

To obtain comprehensive details about Southwest Airlines’ name change policy and to address your concerns, please contact their phone number. The actions to take are as follows:

Dial 1-888-816-2962, the Southwest Airlines phone number, toll-free.
Make sure you follow the IVR’s directions and choose the appropriate option.
Speak with the agents by entering the appropriate command.
Talk about your specifics and the problems you are having.
The professional from Southwest will help you with your question and provide you with the ideal answer.
To confirm the changes to your ticket, you can send in the required paperwork and pay.
The airline will send you an email later with the updated ticket confirmation.
How much does it cost to have an aircraft ticket’s name changed?
According to Southwest Airlines’ name change policy, the cost of changing a name varies based on the kind of ticket and the time of your request. If a passenger requests a name change within 24 hours of booking their flight, Southwest typically costs between $80 and $200; however, if the 24-hour period has passed, you might have to pay extra.

Is it possible to give someone else my ticket?
No, passengers are not permitted to transfer their tickets to another individual under Southwest Airlines’ name change policy. On the other hand, you can modify your flight without having to pay the ticket modification cost if you cancel your reservation within 24 hours.

Since Southwest does not charge ticket modification fees, you can cancel your reservation at any time before to departure and receive a travel credit from the airline for the entire cost of the ticket; this voucher is valid for one year and can be applied to future travel.

In summary
We have attempted to address all of your inquiries about Southwest Airlines’ name change policy above. You will be able to read about their name change policy’s fundamentals, fees, exclusions, and other details. You can obtain all kinds of assistance from a Southwest representative by calling 1-888-816-2962 (no wait time) with any more questions.


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